Bombing Fishing – Explosive Challenge at PhWin

Bombing Fishing is a fishing game by JILI that offers an electrifying arcade experience where strategy and quick reflexes are key. This game features various fish symbols, each with different point values. Players use cannons and special bombs to catch these fish, allowing for a large catch at once and significantly boosting your score.

With multiple paylines across the screen, the game provides numerous opportunities to win. Essential elements like power-ups and multipliers add layers of excitement and strategy. Designed for casual gamers and those seeking a competitive thrill, this game ensures every round is filled with potential and excitement, making each session uniquely challenging.

Bombing Fishing by JILI Overview

Game DeveloperJILI Gaming
Slot TypeVideo Slots
Max win1200x
Min Coins Size0.10
Max Coins Size100

How to Play Bombing Fishing at PhWin?

To play this fishing game, you need to know how it works, how to set your wager and paylines, and how to spin the reels. To learn how to play, here’s a quick rundown on how to play:


The goal is to use cannons to shoot and catch fish in a vibrant underwater setting. Depending on its value, each fish you catch will earn you points or in-game currency.

Gameplay Mechanics

You control a cannon at the bottom of the screen and can adjust its power level. The power level determines the cost and effectiveness of each shot. Higher-power shots cost more but increase your chances of catching bigger, more valuable fish.

Strategies and Special Features

Choosing the right cannon and power setting is crucial based on the type of fish you are targeting. Sometimes, investing more in a powerful shot can yield a higher return on valuable fish. Players must also look for special events or bonus fish that appear randomly. These can offer significant rewards or unlock unique game modes, creating excitement in this fishing game.

Bombing Fishing Game Features

This fishing game has fantastic elements, like unique weapons, awakening bosses, particular fish, drill bit lobsters, thunder consecutive, serial bomb crabs, and more. Here are some of the information that you need to know about them:

  • Special Fish – Special fish are introduced elevating the gameplay to a new level. These one-of-a-kind fish have exceptional powers and come with particular benefits.
  • Golden Bomb – A well-planned use of the Bombing Fishing Golden Bomb can cause a minor explosion on the fishing field. With the Golden Bomb, you can eliminate any kind of fish by subtracting the stake amount by fifty.
  • Drill Bit Lobster – If you shoot the Drill Bit Lobster, it will charge hard. The drill bullet goes through the fish and makes them burst.
    The fish killed during this process add to the end multiplier, which raises your chances of winning. If you lose connection, you will still get the amount corresponding to your current score, but the game state will not be saved.
  • Torpedo – Adding the Torpedo tool makes Bombing Fishing even more fun. When players click on the Torpedo launcher, they can aim at and hit big fish on the screen. Every shot takes away 10 times the amount bet, so make every shot count if you want to win big.
  • Thunder Consecutive & Serial Bomb Crab – Play Thunder Consecutive and Serial Bomb Crab to get thrills quickly. You can start area strikes by setting off a lightning chain and killing the Super Bomb Crab. These moves might catch more than one fish in their blast radius, which raises your chances of winning big.
  • Awaken Boss – In this game, you can fight the powerful Ocean Kings and use the chance to get Power Ups. By beating Ocean Kings, you can use Power Ups, which give you gifts with big multipliers. Take on these tough bosses and get your prizes!
  • Special Weapon – Bombing Fishing gives players special tools that improve their fishing skills.

Tips to Win at Bombing Fishing

If you’re diving into the vibrant world of this fishing game, here are some strategic tips to help you maximize your chances of success in this dynamic fish shooting game:

1. Choose Your Cannon Wisely

Different cannons have varying power levels and cost different amounts per shot. Select a cannon that fits your budget and gameplay style. Higher-powered cannons are more your currency per shot. Maintaining your resources throughout the game is essential to finding the right balance between power and cost.

2. Target High-Value Fish

Pay attention to the different types of fish and their values. Larger and more colorful fish generally yield higher rewards. Focus your firepower on these when they appear, but be mindful of their hit points; some might require multiple hits to capture.

3. Utilize Special Weapons and Bonuses

Occasionally, special weapons and bonus items will appear in Bombing Fishing. These can include rapid-fire capabilities or bombs that can capture multiple fish simultaneously. Utilize these wisely to maximize your catch and boost your score.

4. Manage Your Budget

Keep a close eye on your remaining currency. It’s easy to get caught up in the action and spend too much on powerful shots. Develop a strategy that allows you to stay in the game longer by managing your resources effectively.

5. Aim for Chain Reactions

Some versions of the game offer bonuses for causing chain reactions. Shooting a fish that causes an explosion affecting other fish can lead to big wins. Aim for clusters of fish to take advantage of these opportunities.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

Like any game, practice is key. Spend some time learning the movements of different fish and how best to use your cannons. The more familiar you are with the game’s mechanics, the better your chances of success.

By following these tips, you’ll be better equipped to tackle the challenges of the game and enjoy a more rewarding experience. Remember to gamble responsibly and have fun exploring the depths of this exciting game!

Playing Bombing Fishing at PhWin

Bombing Fishing is a fish-shooting game available at PhWin. In this game, players can win lucrative prizes by using cannons to shoot at various fish with different values to earn points or in-game currency. The gameplay involves strategic choices about cannon power and type, balancing cost with potential rewards. This game combines skill and luck, offering PhWin casino enthusiasts an exciting and colorful experience.

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